Hey beauties.

So a few of you would have seen this week on either Instagram, Facebook Closed “Spirit Seeker’s” or on my coaching page that I have FINALLY nutted down and figured out what it is that has me singing and twirling in the wind all Sounds of Music style. The hills were alive indeed when staring me right in front of me were my ideal coaching clients.

And just to confirm that I was on the right track I put it out there into the groups who they thought I worked with.

Responses like Laura’s who said:

People just like you I reckon! That are embracing their darkness to make themselves whole and human x

Or Rebekah :

I reckon it’s self-worth – particularly dealing with people who have suffered abuse and/or depression in some form.


Ding Ding Ding

Image Credit: Christine Caine

You see I have decided these women have chosen me. It was happening purely by a natural process. God was using my mess, my story to speak into the hearts of other women like myself. They were drawing to me like moths to a light (except these moths are pretty, talented women with wounded wings). They have wanted more than anything to fly upwards despite their anxiety, mess and weary eyes.

So let you introduce to you what I do.

I coach women with anxious dispositions to find strategies to dial down their anxiety and help them see with clear eyes their value, worth and purpose as a woman. They stop pretending everything is ok, have courage to ask for help and work through the need to cover up their true emotions. They stop busying themselves to avoid pain and instead learn how to sit with the emotion, process it properly and forgive themselves when having a meltdown. They start to recognise the meltdown for what it (usually) is: a loss of control. They learn how to relinquish that control and be content that whatever happens will happen and that they are safe in those moments, despite how uncomfortable it will feel.

I know what it feels like to be in a place of darkness – to not know yourself and where your inner light went. I know what depression, sadness and a deep sense of loss feels like, and I know how to move forward from it once you come out the other side.

I am not a counsellor – that’s not what coaching is about. I am here for you when you are ready to move forward again, pick yourself up and start to tentatively move back into life again. I know how to guide you to start to love who you are, bless the dark times you’ve been through, and plan again.

I am all about the forward motion, and the deep acceptance of who you really are after all you’ve been through. (Thanks to my lovely coach Amy Taylor-Kabbaz for penning these 3 paragraphs to get my jibberish out of my head and onto paper).

When I went through what I went through (read my about me page for details) it required a lot of work. A lot of embracing of the shadows and the light. It wasn’t about just ‘praying it away’ (although prayer can work wonders). Nor was it about saying affirmations that often made me feel like a fraud.

It was purely just showing up each day and doing the work whether that came easy or hard.

Beauty, there have and there will continue to be those hard days.

Days where you feel like staying at home and just scrolling through the internet mindlessly because you don’t want to deal with your emotions.

Days where at work you have a panic attack mid meeting and you go completely blank during your presentation.

Days where you want to actually use the anxiety as an excuse so people will JUST LEAVE YOU ALONE.

But I want to challenge you that there is power in accountability.

Power in having someone stand besides you and say “You can do this.”

Someone who can empathise deeply with you because frankly I’ve experienced anxiety myself. I haven’t experienced it your way. I don’t claim to but what I do know it can be frightening and debilitating. Kinda like a tight rope walker trying to walk across a ravine for the first time and the winds are gusting. And just to piss you off you’ve also lost your pole that is helping you keep balance.

I get it.

But there are ways to manage your anxiety. There are strategies to help you in the overwhelm. Want to get to the other side of that ravine? Want to check out the amazing sights to be seen? Get on a call with me: thebutterflyhouse@dianabraybrooke.com






P.S This is not for you if:

  • You are in the middle of significant trauma or mental health concerns. These significant health concerns include: an increase in feeling sad, hopeless and helpless, intrusive thoughts, changes in appetite, have increased irritability or outbursts of anger, impulsive and risk taking behaviours, thoughts of death/suicide/self harm. Please speak to a doctor/mental health professional.
  • You are not ready to move forward in action. You have the desire to talk more about the past and how to heal elements from it.

Comment below what are some strategies that have helped you with your anxiety and let’s get a discussion going. Please share using the buttons below as well.