I’ve had many times this week where I just wanted to give up on this biz. Yep, I said it. I’ve been blogging my little heart out over the years and writing newsletters week after week all while still teaching at my high school job. Now throw in being a mother in the mix and sometimes it can just be flat out overwhelming.

I’ve thrown myself a few tanties (that’s short for tantrums if you weren’t sure what that meant) and gotten frustrated with myself because so much of what I do feels unseen.

And yet I’ve come off the back of a really awesome Christian Women’s conference at Hillsong where I have felt uplifted and so loved.

We were reminded constantly that our identity really isn’t in what we do but in who we are in Christ.

But to actually abide in that is really really hard some times.

But here’s the thing.

I’m not going to give up. I’m going to keep stretching & growing even though it feels uncomfortable. Even when I can’t see tangible results I just have to keep going because at the end of the day YOU MATTER and my work DOES MATTER because I get to serve you beautiful ladies.
So today I have 5 things I am grateful for this week. Cause you know it’s easy to focus on our frustrations and not the super cool things happening around us each and every week.

Here are a few of my FIVEARITE things.

1)     I’m back at Crossfit

crossfit dinamite

I’m back at this cult crossfit box after having had some significant time off since snapping my ACL, tearing my meniscus and fracturing my patella in a grass hockey tackle (we won the penalty thank you very much). And boy has it challenged me. My mean girl decided to make her appearance during a few WODS (Workout of the Day).

Last week in particular we had to do lunges that touched the ground followed by burpees, by another round of lunges and then chin ups. The whole process went for 20 mins.

I started to tell myself stories. “My knee is screwed, I can’t touch the ground, I’m so slow, everyone is overlapping me, I’m such a loser, I’m so unfit, remember when you were fit before you ruptured your acl?

Story after story.

I tried affirmations but they didn’t work.

I mean how can they when there is so much noise going on: music, people cheering you on, and mean girl just going on and on.

I was worried about the score.

I didn’t want to be last.

But once I got home I realised that I needed to start trusting that my body was actually doing amazing things.

// How awesome is it that I am exercising to that extent 11 months after having Flynn.
// How cool is it that my legs and my arms just kept going? That I was strong enough to do the workout?
// How amazing is it that I showed up? So cool.

2)     My beautiful friend Beck is getting married.

beck j

This lovely lady has had a few trials thrown her way but she has met a man who just lights her up. In fact, he was one of my teaching practicum students and I was his mentor. On Saturday I got to have a kid free night (thank you to my husband David for always doing an awesome job looking after Flynn). I got to celebrate my friend. I am so thankful for her. She was the first one to make me a stack of meals when I screwed up my knee, she makes me laugh and she has a heart of gold. I am grateful for her friendship and for her support over the years.

3)     My coaching client launched her website Sky High and Believe.


Sabrina is a transformation coach supporting women on their journey of discovering who they are by exploring their self expression. Sabrina has worked so hard on this website, her biz and on her own personal development. I am so proud of her. The site looks so beautiful and is a reflection of her true spirit. Head on over to her site and show her some love: http://www.skyhighandbelieve.com

4)     I won an e-book


Life coach and copywriter Emily Ehlers asked her tribe if we could fill in a survey and she had some gorgeous prizes up for grabs. Knowing the value of finding out what my tribe wants and is struggling with I felt drawn to fill out this survey. We’re in this sisterhood together after all!  The next day I saw I had won a copy of her e-book “Cruisy: The road less frazzled.” In Emily’s words this book ‘is a roadmap that will help you find flow, feel well, and learn how to strive without stress.’  I’ve had a quick scan and so far it’s awesome. I love Emily’s witty style of writing (has me laughing on so many occasions). I feel like when Emily writes it is like your bestie is in the room with you. She is that GOOD! You can find out about “Cruisy” HERE.

5)     I made dinner 2 nights in a row. (And chucked a roast in the slower cooker on a 3rd day).

Yep. You read right. I hate cooking. Actually let me start again. I hate cooking EXCEPT when I am procrastinating and usually my preference is to bake sweets (aka brownies) rather than a roast.  Dave my husband is a champ and he cooks for us. BUT I wanted him to have a break and I wanted to demonstrate that despise my distaste (pun intended) I love him enough to put that aside so that he could just chill when he got home and not stress about having to cook. I was pretty impressed with myself and it was nice for him to come home to a meal cooked.

So what do you want to celebrate this week? Go back over your week and write 5 things down you are thankful for. Share in the comments below and then share the post if you loved it. (You can do that by clicking the buttons below).