Month: March 2016

  • How I am changing direction in my biz


    Hey beauties.

    So a few of you would have seen this week on either Instagram, Facebook Closed “Spirit Seeker’s” or on my coaching page that I have FINALLY nutted down and figured out what it is that has me singing and twirling in the wind all Sounds of Music style. The hills were alive indeed when staring me right in front of me were my ideal coaching clients.

    And just to confirm that I was on the right track I put it out there into the groups who they thought I worked with.


  • The 4 Parenting Lessons I’ve learnt in my first year as a mum

    flynn 1 birthday

    This weekend we celebrated Flynn’s 1st birthday and man has this kid taught me a few lessons. I have been so incredibly humbled over the year. I have felt such a myriad of emotions: happy, sad, frustrated, elated, anxious but even amidst all of that I have felt thankful regardless of the circumstances.

    So here are my lessons that I have learnt from my first year of motherhood.


  • The 5 Things that I am Thankful For This Week


    I’ve had many times this week where I just wanted to give up on this biz. Yep, I said it. I’ve been blogging my little heart out over the years and writing newsletters week after week all while still teaching at my high school job. Now throw in being a mother in the mix and sometimes it can just be flat out overwhelming.

    I’ve thrown myself a few tanties (that’s short for tantrums if you weren’t sure what that meant) and gotten frustrated with myself because so much of what I do feels unseen.

    And yet I’ve come off the back of a really awesome Christian Women’s conference at Hillsong where I have felt uplifted and so loved.


  • What everybody ought to know about being a princess. (Colour Conference Part 1)

    knight and princess

    Hey there gorgeous,

    So this weekend I went to Hillsong Colour Conference. If you’ve been reading my blogs of late you’d probably guess that I really needed to get out of my funk.

    I’ve had a year of refining.

    Not anything earth shattering bad. Just uncomfortable change. You know like that time you tried to fit into those skinny jeans. You know it’ll look good once you’ve peeled them on but getting them on is half the battle. I’ve been digesting the wrong foods and it’s been fattening me up in some ways. You know, you kinda beat yourself up about what a loser you are because you had a role taken away from you or some change occurred and this just made you feel uncomfortable. Squeezed in. Tight. Constricted. Yuk.

    So I managed to get a last minute ticket to the conference and a $1000+ later I was ready to go. (Dang leaving things until the last minute and having to buy flights, accommodation and a hire car cause you couldn’t get accommodation closer).

    On the opening night I still found it hard to sing during the worship time. I felt empty, hurt and a bit like ‘What the heck am I even doing here?”

    I leaned in to hear the word.

    I started to fill up my dry well.

    The next day the beautiful Holly Wagner, pastor of Oasis Church in Los Angeles spoke.

    Beautiful words that felt like they were just for me.