Month: January 2016

  • When self help fluff doesn’t work

    girl in fieldLove and light, meditation and green juice. I’ve read it all and done it all.

    And there’s a good chance you have too.

    As I start heading closer to my mid 30’s I find I’m getting more miffed at all of the self-help fluff that comes into my inbox.


  • I decided to do an experiment (see what happens next).

    girls fu

    They say that in business (as in life), you go through seasons. The first year of business you head in all bright eyed, fresh ideas overflowing and nothing can stop you. You ooze enthusiasm like that Nutella filled donut. Business looks so appealing on the outside and tastes so good once you bite into it.

    But what happens when you’ve had too many Nutella filled donuts? You’ve taken on so many that you feel sick to your stomach. You can no longer fit that dress and now you’re super frustrated.

    Yeah, that’s me.


  • Why I’m breaking the rules…

    family christmas 2015

    (Just a normal formal photo with the baby sis and her three boys. My Flynn being mischievous. Have no idea where he gets it from?)

    I’m breaking the rules. It’s tiring playing to formulas and strategies. I’m supposed to be on blogging break. A time out for me to refresh and get grounded back into what this space means for me.

    I feel like I have forgotten what this space really means to me.

    So here I am breaking my blogging break to blog to you (yep, that’s a mouthful).


    Because my words are just flowing freely and I honour that pouring out of my spirit. I have this freshness that is waiting to burst forth and just share with you.

    And I’m doing it without feeling the need to have my post done because it’s a Tuesday and that’s just what I do.