Accept the Invitation (1)

You’ve opened your Facebook messenger + what do you see? Another email from a friend inviting you out.

You close the email.

You want to go but you don’t.

Your anxiety gets the better of you.

She’s a bit of a cow like that you know (the anxiety not your friend).

She keeps you from having a social life. She is always whispering in your ear ‘They don’t really like you,’ ‘You don’t have anything interesting to say,’ and ‘If you don’t reply eventually they’ll stop asking and emailing to ask you to go out.

And you’re right. They do.

Oh sure, people ask for a bit but then they back away.

The invites dry up. You feel relieved in the moment.

But then it gets lonely. Like incredibly soul aching lonely.

You miss the laughter of your friends. There’s something sweet about it. It’s like listening to your fav song. It reignites memories + fills your soul to the brim with a sunshiny love.

And you flipping hands on your heart miss that.

You open the email again. You type a response. You back space the whole email and click close. Again.

You put on your pyjamas rather than your dancing shoes.

You zap your left overs in your microwave and think about the Korean BBQ house you were invited to tonight, your friends all gathered around the hot plate, sizzling their food over the flame and frying up awesome convos + laughter.

You ACHE. You get MAD at yourself.

Guilt consumes you the way you consumed those 2 litres of Baskin + Robbin’s Love Potion icecream. (Hot fudge included of course). You feel bloated, sick + you have stabbing pain in your guts.

// You want MORE laughter + LESS guilt.

// You want MORE Korean BBQ’s + LESS microwaved left overs.

// You want MORE dancing shoes + LESS flannelette pj’s.


Because when you accept the invite with grace + less fear it feels freeing.

Grace feels effortless. Grace also has that element of forgiveness.

Forgiving yourself for not loving yourself enough to have accepted invites in the past, because heck you are SOOOOO worthy to be invited to events.

You know you are fun.

By accepting the invite you show you believe in you.

Cause you know what honey? Your friends DO actually believe in you.

They looove your presence and you KNOW it and now BELIEVE it.

Want to accept the invitation? Comment below on the blocks that are stopping you from being more social.  Email me to find out how you too can get unhermitted and accept the invitation.






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