Social Media

You’re sitting on the couch scrolling through social media. AGAIN.

It’s got a tough grip on you like a crocodile has its prey. It keeps rolling you about, taking you under the water, with glimpses of the beautiful blue sky above.

It’s DROWNING you.

You don’t want to be HELD CAPTIVE to the power of technology so you close your iPad off and head into the bathroom.

With clothes off you think to yourself, I can use these 15 minutes to listen to a podcast so you go back out to grab your iPad, set it up, press play, hop in the shower + listen to a message about having an abundance mindset.

You know if I THINK MORE positively about my life and visualise it happening then it will happen.

flowers1You get in the car with all intentions to pray this journey. You communicate best when you’re in the car cause even though you know God is all around you, you feel the car is best, because you have a captive audience.

But you drive to work, in your HYPNOTIC STATE, driving but not realising how you even got to your destination.

You even have Miley Cyrus’ ‘ Wrecking Ball’ playing and you don’t even realise it.


You get to work and you face the demands of the day. You have lunch at your desk while typing an email, trailing your bread crumbs all over the keyboard.

Heck, you think you’re flipping Gretel in the flesh. You HOPE one day someone would just leave you in the woods to find your own freakin’ gingerbread house (minus the hag who wants to eat children though). “At least you’d be on an adventure” you think to yourself.

After you’ve worked an EXTRA HOUR of overtime you go home.

You can’t be assed to go to the gym. Way tooooo tired for that. Those tent pegs on your eyelid are closing baby and you need to get home.


You get home, plonk yourself in front of the T.V and watch yourself some Family Feud. You think to yourself “I should have some me time.

Maybe I’ll get those bath salts out from so and so that I got from my birthday last year. That will be nice.

You even get your vanilla soy candles out. You feel like the self care queen! You’ve got it made right?

You grab your iPad with intentions to play some worship music and connect in with your spirit but you find yourself on social media. AGAIN.

Time to have a late dinner, so you defrost your left overs and again prop your iPad up right in front of you. Your friends are having sticker wars on Messenger. You spend the next hour sending stickers of oysters eating pearls and emoji’s blowing kisses.

You finally hop into bed wired so you play another meditation to help you fall asleep.

You wake up in the morning feeling heavy.

You WANT more but you don’t want to DO more.

You WANT to be able to stop, collaborate and listen to the Holy Spirit.

Because you KNOW deep, deep in the wells of your soul, all this seeking and striving is just putting putty on the holes of the spiritual walls of your well. You THINK it’s going to hold everything back but at some point that water wants to come through. It wants to fill the well and quench your spiritual dryness.


What is it that you are resisting?

Why are you filling your days up with ‘stuff?’

What is so uncomfortable for you that you can’t stand being on your own and just being?

I know this is how you feel because this is me.

I want MORE and I KNOW you want more because there’s so much more to life than sitting at your computer desk and typing out an email while eating your lunch.

// I want MORE play + LESS stress.

// I want MORE sleep + LESS wakefulness caused by the computer screens.

// I want to start WEARING the nice lingerie + not the ugly, oversized maternity ones.

// I want MORE outdoor adventures and less indoor adventures.

// I want MORE creative immersion ‘just because’ + LESSbecause I have to’s.

// I want MORE God connections + LESS temporal ones.


Start with SMALL steps.

// It could be saying to your partner ‘I need 10 mins on waking just to be alone and connect in with God.

// It could be throwing out the daggy undies (underwear for those non Aussies) and buying that sexy lacy number.

// Perhaps you could attend that Poi class (that’s me this Thursday) and have a hoot swinging those LED lights on a string.

// Putting an app on your phone that blocks you out of social media after a certain amount of time.

// Putting your device in a drawer where you won’t be tempted first up in the morning.

Whatever it is choose 1 thing you can change and replace this week.

What is it going to be? I’d love to know in the comments below. Once you’ve commented I’d love for you to share the post using the buttons below as well.

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