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The Numbers Game

Today I am on a rant about numbers. As you know I had food poisoning a few weeks ago and I noticed that my Instagram numbers had dropped off. I always notice this when I have had time off from posting.

It irritates me that we live in a world that is all about instant gratification. That person hasn’t posted another acai bowl for like 2 minutes, I think I’ll move onto that other foodie who posts everything including the used serviette (and yes I used the word serviette because napkin is a creepy word – think about it).

We’ve become numb that there are REAL people on the other side of the screen. So that comment you put on that blog post ‘in love’ because you want more damn acai bowls rather than cats playing pianos, you feel entitled to do so. Heck, unlike my Facebook page because I used the word God instead of Universe or Higher Being because you think I’m supposed to pander to you but yet you want me to be my most authentic self.


We live by numbers so much.

When I get to x weight I will be happy. When I buy my first house I’ll be the bomb diggety. When my Facebook group reaches 5k I’ve got it made but you know and I know we just keep moving the goal post don’t we?

We just keep seeking and striving for the next fix because we haven’t figured out how to just be happy in ourselves, without stuff or experiences. Without the acai bowl, without cats playing pianos and without almond mylk chai lattes.

We get distracted by the world and we disconnect from ourselves.

Sometimes they are legitimate fears. We want to be secure and we think that little cottage on the hill will do it for us. We put on the mask and avoid the uncomfortable feelings, seeking the external, hoping that the feeling will go away.

// You can be happy without the numbers.

// You don’t need to do more.

// You can create your own happiness.


Self-care rituals + making an inner connection rather than an external one.

What makes you feel happy?

It could be:

// A dip in the ocean.

// A facial using the most divine kindred and toxin free ingredients. (I recommend these beauties).

// A walk out in nature.

// Connecting with God through prayer and meditation.

[tweetthis]Happiness is after all a state of being. You don’t need to obtain things to be happy.[/tweetthis]

Just think about all the wealthy people in the world who’ve admitted a life of defeat even with all of the money in the world.


How can you truly tap into your happiness today without the numbers?

If you are feeling stuck in the numbers game and continually seeking the externally and want help. I’d love to be your coach! Set up an appointment by sending an email enquiry to:






P.S I’d love to know whether numbers means a lot to you? Do you give numbers a lot of power? Comment below and let’s get a conversation started.

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