Month: October 2015

  • Social Media

    You’re sitting on the couch scrolling through social media. AGAIN.

    It’s got a tough grip on you like a crocodile has its prey. It keeps rolling you about, taking you under the water, with glimpses of the beautiful blue sky above.

    It’s DROWNING you.

    You don’t want to be HELD CAPTIVE to the power of technology so you close your iPad off and head into the bathroom.


  • Taking Up Your Crown As A Princess

    woman crown

    When I lost my role as Elder at the most recent church meeting, I didn’t realize then that it would lead me down the path of spiritual dryness. I guess I just assumed that I would be voted back in (I had been involved in church ministry for nine years, two of which were on eldership).


  • Do you equate numbers with happiness?

    freedom girl

    The Numbers Game

    Today I am on a rant about numbers. As you know I had food poisoning a few weeks ago and I noticed that my Instagram numbers had dropped off. I always notice this when I have had time off from posting.

    It irritates me that we live in a world that is all about instant gratification. That person hasn’t posted another acai bowl for like 2 minutes, I think I’ll move onto that other foodie who posts everything including the used serviette (and yes I used the word serviette because napkin is a creepy word – think about it).

    We’ve become numb that there are REAL people on the other side of the screen. So that comment you put on that blog post ‘in love’ because you want more damn acai bowls rather than cats playing pianos, you feel entitled to do so. Heck, unlike my Facebook page because I used the word God instead of Universe or Higher Being because you think I’m supposed to pander to you but yet you want me to be my most authentic self.

    Mmm… (more…)

  • Spirit Seekers’ Vlog Interview with Elle Griffin


    At the beginning of the year I had the privilege to be mentored and be coached under the wonderful Elle Griffin, founder and editor-in-chief of Over the Moon magazine. Elle is also the host of Over The Moon Radio and is a writer & speaker of the Divine Feminine and a Catholic scholar of the Virgin Mary. She is currently completing her Graduate Degree in Mariology at the International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton and spends her spare time hosting full moon parties and writing young adult fiction novels. You can follow Elle on Instagram @griffinelle or view her magazine HERE. Elle is the one who inspired me to open the doors to my life coaching biz! It is so cool and a privilege to do what we do and I am so thankful for this dear heart and her influence over my life.