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I’m sick of waking up each morning reading my inbox each morning full of self help fluff. Morning after morning there’s something about “I quit my job’ or “How you can be the next IT girl?” and then getting the case of the guilts that I need to work harder, produce that next e-book and perhaps be more bold.

It’s like one big popularity contest and I’m not the cool kid. And you know what? Who cares! Sure it seems glamorous to be able to haul your ass down to the local café with your cute little laptop while sipping an almond mylk chai while penning your next ’10 Ways to feel spiritually connected’ post but what we don’t see is how hard these beautiful entrepreneurs who have gone before as have worked behind the scenes. We haven’t seen the struggle, the late night melt down or the client who hasn’t paid up. Again.

When you look at me on the other end of your screen what do you see? I see a girl who has been busting her guts to get this life coaching gig off the ground. I see a girl striving way too hard to make things happen rather than surrendering to the process. I sometimes see a girl who feels the need to compete rather than celebrate and a girl ready to throw in the towel because working my ass off for no return sucks big time!

I see a girl who has forgotten her work is also a spiritual experience in itself (thanks lovely newsletter reader for the reminder) and that as such I need to apply a spiritual lense to my business and marketing model because frankly I hate hustling for coaching working. And the more I try sometimes the more quiet it seems but then I am reminded by an email here and a network connection there that what I am doing matters, that despite sometimes not feeling seen I am.

Do you feel unseen? Do you feel like the self help flood of information into your inbox seems just a tad overwhelming at times? Do you feel like it’s sometimes this magical airy fairy land that you can’t tap into because it just seems out of reach?

God is so tangible and very much real. He’s present in the good and the bad moments. Even if you don’t feel it.

Sometimes it’s just about asking each hour ‘What do I need to do next?’ rather than jumping into 5 year projections as cool and visionary as that can seemingly be.

It is safe for you to be in this moment.

You are safe. You are seen and very much valued.

What self-help fluff are you throwing out the window today?

Mine is :

[tweetthis display_mode=”box”]I don’t need to be the next IT girl because I know I am safe, valued and seen just the way I am.[/tweetthis]

Are you feeling exactly like me right now where not matter what self-help fluff you’re reading you still feel like crap and stuck in the moment? I can help. Let’s talk. (You can have your almond mylk chai during our complimentary skype session if you like). Shoot me off an email






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