Standing at the

I’m standing on the precipice of time…

Looking out onto the horizon and wondering what my life has in store for me…

I’ve reached the highest of highs and the lowest of lows…

All of which have brought me to this place in time where I stand with open arms waiting to receive…

I look at and see my opportunities. Some of them are so close I can touch them. Others are so far away that I would need to adventure to get to them… but I’m ready. I have so many stories inside of me but yet I can get stuck in stories.

You do it too.

You are there, waiting, looking out onto the horizon and you want to adventure to lands unknown but that scares you. You’ve heard about them, seen pictures on Facebook and Instagram but yet you’re not sure if you are really worth the travels. You don’t think you’re unworthy on the surface (although some of you are), but subconsciously you lack self-love and this manifests itself in playing small.

You’ve got the backpack on ready to leap off the precipice and glide down and take in the view from a whole new angle but you haven’t been there before. You don’t know if the backpack will open. Perhaps you may want to go tandem and that’s ok because there is power is support and the collective sisterhood. There’s no shame in that.

Do you even know who’s in your support team?

Do you know the people who energise you and actively listen to you? Get you? Lovingly hold a safe space for you and your dreams?

Why not take them along on the journey with you? There’s soooo much power in affirming your intentions out loud. There is something special about stating your dreams out into the universe, to God.

I mean, you do realise God knows you? Knows your dreams and your heart’s desires.

You do know that despite the negativity He gets from time to time He is working for your good, longing for you to use the talents you have to nourish your own spirit and the spirits of others?

Think of it like this:

You have a message and everyone needs to hear that message. Playing safe means not as many people will hear that message and you know and I know (even if it takes some work for you to unleash it), that you have a treasure so precious inside of you. Is it worth keeping it to yourself?

But how do you make that leap? How do you make that decision to either stand on the precipice on this side OR to propel yourself out into the open space to feel the exhilaration of awakening your spiritual rebel. To feel the wind on your face, to take in the view.

And man it is quite the view.

Address your fears rather than run from them. What is coming up for you? What attachments do you have? Are you worried about the fear of failure? If you knew you could not fail what would you do?

Check your safety gear. There’s a time for blind faith sometimes but heck, jumping off a precipice is not one! Find out more about your creative desires. What are the first steps you need to do to make that big GORGEOUS dream of yours a reality? How long is it going to take you to reach that dream? Are you going to use your current job to be the financier of that dream? Or are you going to take that part time job so you can dedicate some time to your creative endeavours?

It’s ok to do your research but feel into the fear, ACKNOWLEDGE IT, and make healthy little action steps to move pass the fear. Do something loving towards your dream each day or each week. You could pintrest some office ideas, grab some brochures of the place where you want to live abroad or perhaps you could use the good coffee beans in your fancy coffee machine and practice your barista skills for when you open that café. Whatever, it is, HAVE A GO. Do something loving and it will love you back. When we give out value we get value back. We may not see that in the interim but hang in there honey, it will happen.

So darling, what are you going to do with this BIG DREAM of yours? Are you going to do what it takes to make the leap? Or are you going to sit, paralysed on the precipice, taking in the view but never adventuring out to those unknown lands?

The choice is always yours. What are you going to do?

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