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Right now your cute little spiritual practice is starting to feel a little woo woo to you rather than you you. (See what I did there…)

You have a hunger in your soul. You want more.

But you don’t want to DO MORE.

Spirituality can sometimes be like a piñata. There’s so many different layers that make up the final piece.

Yours might take the form of yoga, praying or even the art of lunar abundance and becoming in tune with lady Lunar’s cycles.

And that’s super cool…

If that’s what you love to do.

The problem is when you stick onto the piñata a colour you don’t like but you put it there because it ‘looks right.’ In other words, you put a crystal on your hand written intention and put it out under the moon light but you don’t even know why you are doing it. You just do. Or you do your morning devotion because that’s when everyone says you should do to start your spiritual practice for the day (but you feel more energised to connect with God at night).

Perhaps you add more papers to the piñata because you think it will make it stronger.

But it annoys you. You’re sick of sticking more paper onto it. Your fingers are sticky. You’ve made this task far more than what it needed to be. But adding those papers has just added to your workload. It’s no longer fun.


Here’s the thing. Spirituality is multi-layered and we are spiritual beings by nature. To get to the heart of the piñata – the sugary goodness inside – you need to reveal each of the layers. You have to take a big stick to it and hit at it but you’re scared because you’re going in blindfolded. You’re blind to the expectations you’ve placed on yourself and perhaps you’re not even sure what your true likes and dislikes are any more because you’ve been wearing the blindfold for too long.

But that’s ok cause you can still take a hit. That’s the nature of faith after all. Sometimes you just need to have a go to discover if you can hit just the right spot. You might swing and miss in that moment but eventually you’ll make a cracking connection.

And that’s why it matters. The end goal of spirituality is to make a heart centred connection.

It’s not about doing more and adding more freakin’ rules to the mix.

It can be something as simple as being.

Being in the moment.

Lighting a candle.

Saying a prayer.

So instead of adding more things to your spiritual to do list, why don’t you choose one that really makes your heart sing. Or perhaps each day just ask what is it I need to do today to connect with God. Perhaps you could even write 3 things you love about your spiritual practice and narrow in on the one that you absolutely love doing.

Are you ready to let go of your spiritual to do list? What’s the one thing in your spiritual practice that makes your heart sing and how are you going to connect with that this week? I’d love to know. Comment below and let’s get a conversation started. If you loved the post please share using the buttons below.