Month: September 2015

  • Do you want to be the next IT girl?

    girl in field

    I’m sick of waking up each morning reading my inbox each morning full of self help fluff. Morning after morning there’s something about “I quit my job’ or “How you can be the next IT girl?” and then getting the case of the guilts that I need to work harder, produce that next e-book and perhaps be more bold.

    It’s like one big popularity contest and I’m not the cool kid. And you know what? Who cares! Sure it seems glamorous to be able to haul your ass down to the local café with your cute little laptop while sipping an almond mylk chai while penning your next ’10 Ways to feel spiritually connected’ post but what we don’t see is how hard these beautiful entrepreneurs who have gone before as have worked behind the scenes. We haven’t seen the struggle, the late night melt down or the client who hasn’t paid up. Again.

    When you look at me on the other end of your screen what do you see? I see a girl who has been busting her guts to get this life coaching gig off the ground. I see a girl striving way too hard to make things happen rather than surrendering to the process. I sometimes see a girl who feels the need to compete rather than celebrate and a girl ready to throw in the towel because working my ass off for no return sucks big time!


  • What has Spirituality got to do with your body?


    So I just spend 5 hrs writing my blog post for the week and I’m just not feeling it. This one you are reading right now is obviously not it. I thought I was supposed to write the previous post because I had woken up with this phrase from God “Be Holy for I am Holy” but the more I tried to write it the more it felt forced which lead to 5 hrs of pushing, resistance and fatigue.

    And it probably doesn’t help that I have my periods and it’s wiped me out.

    Now you’re thinking too much information Di, too much.

    But hear me out.


  • Are you ready to take the leap?

    Standing at the

    I’m standing on the precipice of time…

    Looking out onto the horizon and wondering what my life has in store for me…

    I’ve reached the highest of highs and the lowest of lows…

    All of which have brought me to this place in time where I stand with open arms waiting to receive…

    I look at and see my opportunities. Some of them are so close I can touch them. Others are so far away that I would need to adventure to get to them… but I’m ready. I have so many stories inside of me but yet I can get stuck in stories.

    You do it too.

    You are there, waiting, looking out onto the horizon and you want to adventure to lands unknown but that scares you. You’ve heard about them, seen pictures on Facebook and Instagram but yet you’re not sure if you are really worth the travels. You don’t think you’re unworthy on the surface (although some of you are), but subconsciously you lack self-love and this manifests itself in playing small.


  • The 2 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want to Be Spiritually Free


    I lay in bed this Father’s Day morning thinking I should be getting up out of bed and doing something. Yet, when the thought of getting up when I have had nearly a week of interrupted sleep (can’t even blame my 5 month old Flynn for this one), rendered my legs to the sinking feeling of the mattress. My lovely husband David was home and we’d already celebrated his first Father’s Day with breakfast and a cuppa but he knew I was tired and said I should rest up.

    And as I lay there, trying hard to sleep, thoughts were racing through my mind.

    I should get up it’s his special day. I should be working on my blog right now while I have the help, heck I should just hop in the damn shower and just wake myself up.’

    But I really sensed in my spirit ‘Sink in.’ So I did, I rested for a little longer, and although I couldn’t fall back to sleep it was nice to just pull the doona right on up and to close my eyes and to acknowledge the heaviness in my legs and the need to simply just be.


  • When your spiritual practice feels woo woo and not you you.

    girl in field

    Right now your cute little spiritual practice is starting to feel a little woo woo to you rather than you you. (See what I did there…)

    You have a hunger in your soul. You want more.

    But you don’t want to DO MORE.

    Spirituality can sometimes be like a piñata. There’s so many different layers that make up the final piece.

    Yours might take the form of yoga, praying or even the art of lunar abundance and becoming in tune with lady Lunar’s cycles.

    And that’s super cool…

    If that’s what you love to do.