Hey Hey Lovely,

So I’m still here feeling the heaviness. I’m still in that spiritual dry patch.

I feel icky. I feel like I’m anchored down. Weighted.

As I avoid processing my emotions each day, the worse the feeling gets.

Emotions of anger, injustice, sadness and unworthiness.

Suppressing the emotions is like a good ole’ fashion ginger beer. You know, the type that’s made in the bottle. I’m not a ginger beer making expert but what I do know is it can explode. It explodes because of the pressure caused by carbonation.

And for those of you unsure, carbonation is just the process of dissolving carbon dioxide in liquid. In other words it’s the stuff that makes it fizzy. The bubbles.

So my emotions have been like those little bubbles. Each bubble an emotion. Bubbling away inside of the bottle, waiting to explode because of the increasing pressure.
You see I’ve been bottling well. And just like Ginger Beer once it’s all released and the bubbles have settled it will taste good. (Just go with the story for now, even if you hate ginger beer. Apply it to your drink of choice).

And that’s the thing. I know I need to let it all out so the good stuff can come to the surface.

The spiritual growth.

What does it feel like to not spiritually grow?

I feel stuck and not experiencing joy in its entirety. It’s telling yourself the old stories.

And here’s the thing you do this too.

You bottle up all of your emotions and it’s all ready to explode. Waiting for that spiritual growth to come forward and burst all over the place like a race car driver spraying champagne everywhere when he wins a competition.

And even now, even in those stuck, heavy moments where you feel like you’re under pressure. There’s something beautiful ready to come forth.

“Spiritual growth comes when you are feeling spiritually free.”

It’s standing in your freedom.

It’s about taking off the lid of your emotions and being truly who you are.

It’s not about doing something that feels icky. It’s not about going through the motions.

It’s about a true connection with God.

What does having a true connection with God mean to you?

How can you let those bubbles of emotions arise to the surface? Can you let God know how you feel?

What is stopping you?

What could be waiting on the other side of this spiritual dry patch?

Don’t let your ginger (emotions) ferment too long! It’s going to taste bitter.

And we want it to taste sparkly. Just like the way spirituality is supposed to be.

Open the lid to your spiritual freedom. Drink up and soon enough you’ll be through that spiritual dry patch you’ve been going through.

Have a bath.

Drink champagne.

Do whatever it is that makes you feel spiritually connected to God, not what others say is how you should connect with God.  Stop doing things that doesn’t sit right. That makes your tummy churn or that heaviness to return.

Remember connection to God is supposed to be freeing. We’re not under rules or regulations but grace.  And grace is pretty sweet.

Grace feels light. It feels joyous. It feels like the foam on top of a good cappuccino (full cream not skinny thanks). It’s warm and comforting.

Are you ready to navigate the spiritual dry patch you’re in? Ready to let the bubbles rise to the surface? Ready to drink and be refreshed? Let’s go on the journey together. If you are feeling spiritually dry I invite you to jump on a complimentary discovery call with me to see how you can fill up your spiritual cup again. Comment below on what you do to navigate the spiritual dry patch you are in. How do you process your emotions so that growth can come to the surface? I’d love to know.  Please share using the buttons below if you loved the post.






* I’m going away for holidays this week. Super excited. I’m also hoping this holiday will help me to sink in and deal with my emotions more clearly as I take myself away from my every day routine. I’ll be back blogging on Tues 25th August 2015. If you are interested in coaching or you just want to shoot me an email I’ll be replying to them when I am back then. Thanks heaps for your support.