Everyone wants a miracle don’t they? Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, we all crave an answer to prayer. After years of praying for a child we were blessed with our little miracle in Flynn Elliott. He’s 15 weeks old and he brings such delight to my husband and I. Having Flynn has deepened my faith in so many ways. I have so much love for Flynn and it made me realise how much more God must love his children. Sure, I knew this before. It’s something that we hear often. But having Flynn here and having that mumma connection has helped me to connect with God and has helped me to know how deep His love must be for us as his children.


Last Sunday I had the opportunity to listen to Marianne Williamson, who is an internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer. Her work largely centres around “A Course in Miracles” which is ‘a unique, universal, self study spiritual thought system that teaches that the way to love and inner peace is through forgiveness.

The really super cool thing was that I had really wanted to go to her workshop but being on maternity leave and all meant I really needed to be a good steward of my money. So I put it out there. Could I somehow get to go to this event?  I entered a competition over on the Facebook page for Tom Organics about how forgiveness has outplayed in my life and I won a double pass!

So again, intuitively I asked God who to bring and I ended up taking one of the girls whom I had done the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy with. I mean, it’s so much fun when you take someone like minded with you and indeed we were in for a treat.

Here are some things I learnt:

:: Prayer is the medium for a miracle. The miracle is when we shift from fear to love. This is not easy. It can trigger something deep because ‘our ego is suspicious at best, vicious at worst.

:: We think we are sunbeams that are separate from all the other sunbeams. We need to consider, ‘who are we in relationship to the universe?

:: God creates, God wills. May loving thought prevail.

:: A course in miracles suggests that we have 2 main emotions: fear and love. Fear is the absence of a thing. You can get rid of fear by turning on the love.

:: The morning time is when we are most open to suggestions. What are you doing with your morning time? Connect with God in the morning because the Holy Spirit will connect with you throughout the day. Therefore, avoid meaningless stimulus in the morning.

:: Think of someone you need to forgive. Spend 5 mins each day praying for his or her happiness. In 30 days you will see a change (in yourself or the other person). After all, that which is placed on the altar is altered.

:: Don’t be afraid to ‘go still.’ Don’t worry, God will not lower your I.Q or make you a ‘loser.’ Actually it is a higher calling. Accept the atonement.

:: Sometimes God’s loving response is “No.”

:: Relationships are holy encounters.

:: Just because we think we have an intimate relationship with God does not give us the right to spiritual superiority. We are all special. People hear you from the level you want to hear them from. What they hear is: “I have it and I want to give it to you.” Need to get off our spiritual high horses.

:: The ego is good at monitoring people. The ego also loves drama. If you have shadow figures from your past remember the past can touch you not.

:: We’ve suppressed the feminine in the feminist.

:: Death is not the end but the continuation of life.

:: Often our biggest challenge is forgiving ourselves.

:: It’s not so much a process, it’s a decision. Eg Feel jealous? Ask God ‘I feel jealous, take it away from me.” I can feel it but I will not act on it.

:: Having said that we hear the phrase ‘let it go.’  However, where does it need to go to? Put it in God’s hands. Acknowledge you can’t do it yourself.

:: Fill your mind with light so that the darkness cannot dwell there.

:: We heal one ‘aha’ moment at a time.

:: When your relationship with God is fractured, our relationships are fractured.

:: The masculine needs to feel respected, the feminine needs to be cherished.

My ‘aha’ moment

Out of the points mentioned above the one that really stuck out to me was how I spend my mornings. Do I spend the first portion of the day in contemplation or thanks? I sure don’t! With the development of technology it has been so easy to just open up my iPad as I feed Flynn and scroll mindlessly through emails and social media first up in the morning.

That’s what I am feeding my spirit in the morning!

And you know what the past couple of days I have been really struggling with a migraine. My shoulders are tight, my eyeballs hurt. I’m pretty sure it’s the amount of screen time I have.

It’s hard. I have made ‘busyness’ my idol. One I need to let go of especially now when there is a little one who is growing up oh so quickly. I know why I keep myself busy and it’s because I used to do it all those years ago when my ex went missing to cover up the pain. I didn’t want to think about and process what I had been going through.

And you feel it too.  There’s exams to study for, social events to attend, gym classes to bust out moves in and children who need our attention. I get it.

But how about if what we did in the morning really made a difference to the rest of our day? What then?

Is it worth it?

I’m up for the challenge. I started the other day with a guided meditation playing  (which was interrupted with my husband asking for something- oh well good try Di. Never mind). I find at this stage sitting in silence drives me nuts (Oh who am I kidding, meditation is something I know is good for me but I struggle to do it).

What could you do to start your morning off well? It could be a pot of tea poured lovingly into your favourite teacup. It could put a simple prayer of gratitude. It might be 10 really deep breaths in and out.  Whatever it is try to start your morning off without the chaos of technology.

I hope there was something in there to help you this week. Which one of these points stuck out to you? I would love to know.  Please share the post using the buttons below and leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.






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