Month: July 2015

  • The 4 ways you’re screwing yourself over (and how to break through the blocks that are holding you back).

    EmotiveImages_141029_Diana_WEB_046This year has been cracking me open in so many ways. I’ve had to learn new ways of doing things since having my baby Flynn 4 months ago. You see, he doesn’t care if I want to meditate first thing in the morning because he’s hungry and he wants his food now! (And by food I mean, I’m the food source). I want to work on the blog but Flynn’s having a good old chat on the play mat to his toys and I’m torn because I also want to join him there and delight in the simple things, just like him.

    And it’s easy to look back on what was. The independent life. It’s easy to dwell there. To get frustrated and long for the old you. You look at the new you and you’re trying to figure out how to blend it with the old you. You want to move forward but you’re stuck. You sabotage yourself. The old rules just ain’t working for you anymore. Your sparkle has been dulled. Something happened to you and it’s rattled you to the core. Or perhaps you’re just in an entirely new season and the newness of it all is hard to navigate.


  • 3 Tips To Help You Become Intuitively Secure


    Decisions, Decisions

    Have you ever made a decision that didn’t sit right with you? Perhaps you had initially made a different decision but then backed out at the last minute. Or perhaps you caved to peer pressure. I mean your friend did say if you did x,y,z then the desired result would happen right?

    But that something is niggling at you.
    It feels off.
    It just doesn’t feel right.
    And you question that feeling because the ‘experts’ said it were for the best.
    What do you do?

    Oh, I know you, you went for what was ‘safe’ didn’t you but you regretted it afterwards right?


    Let me set the scene for you.

  • What’s so bad about self-sufficiency?

    girl in field

    During the week I watched this clip about the ‘Sin of Self Sufficiency’ and I was drawn in by the title. I was like ‘what’s wrong with being self- sufficient?’ I like to be able to do stuff for myself. I’m independent. Nothing wrong with us women doing things for ourselves. I can have and do it all right? (Or as Oprah would say ‘You can have and do it all, just not at the same time.’) In fact, our society has become obsessed with self-promotion and working our way up to the top of the ladder. Is this a bad thing?

    To hear what Sandra Crawford Williamson has to say about it all. Watch here

    Let’s clear up a few things first.

    :: I think it is great to be self-sufficient.

    :: I think modern medicine is marvellous and I have no offence against doing what you have to do to be well. (Sandra mentioned she went the IVF route and for her it wasn’t right because she believed God called her to release this into his hands. I believe IVF is a great tool and that God uses it as well to bless people who wouldn’t be able to have babies. It’s an individual choice. I just want you to know I’m for modern medicine as much as I am pro alternative medicine. In fact, we saw a fertility specialist initially to get treatment. It’s just that it didn’t work for us so we sought alternative medicine purely because my mental health was taking a beating and by shifting to alternative medicine for me meant I was shifting the focus from getting pregnant to I’m healing my body).

    :: I think that although I believe God intervenes in situations He often requires us to do some work too. He’s not some freakin’ magic genie.

    Good. Got it?


  • Are you waiting for a miracle?


    Everyone wants a miracle don’t they? Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, we all crave an answer to prayer. After years of praying for a child we were blessed with our little miracle in Flynn Elliott. He’s 15 weeks old and he brings such delight to my husband and I. Having Flynn has deepened my faith in so many ways. I have so much love for Flynn and it made me realise how much more God must love his children. Sure, I knew this before. It’s something that we hear often. But having Flynn here and having that mumma connection has helped me to connect with God and has helped me to know how deep His love must be for us as his children.


    Last Sunday I had the opportunity to listen to Marianne Williamson, who is an internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer. Her work largely centres around “A Course in Miracles” which is ‘a unique, universal, self study spiritual thought system that teaches that the way to love and inner peace is through forgiveness.