Month: June 2015

  • Your Guide to Being Secure & Sure


    Your Guide to Being Secure & Sure BlogHey Gorgeous,

    I’ve been working pretty hard over the past 2 weeks developing ‘Your Guide to Being Secure & Sure.” Below is just a snippet of what is inside the guide. To get access to the guide I would love for you to sign up as a newsletter subscriber. I promise you I won’t spam you!  I write once a week and it comes out on a Tuesday. I hope that my newsletter subscribers who have it in their hot little hands are loving it. Stay tuned for prize giveaways for participating in the challenge!


    The Security Challenge

    Oh my. Within days of starting this project I had some massive inner mean girl moments. Something unexpected had happened and it really made me doubt my ability as a leader.

    I played this dialogue over in my head:

    I must really suck as a leader.’

    ‘I must not be very popular.’

    ‘I’m not very spiritual anyways.’

    ”My opportunity to serve has been taken away. I must have done something wrong.’

    You have this same dialogue too huh? You have these moments where you feel insecure, lost, and not needed.

    So what do you do with those moments of doubt? What do you do when the inner mean girl makes her appearance? And is being secure a feeling, behaviour or belief?


  • Honour Roll – Janine Vasquez

    JanineToday on the blog we have the lovely Janine Vasquez of Eager&Co. a new local urban men’s footwear brand. I met Janine at my church and on one of our chats discovered how passionate her and her husband Tim are about making a difference through their business.

    Established in 2014, Eager&Co. has since been featured in the Weekend Edition, Fashion Journal, Peppermint Magazine, Festive Fete and is also in the upcoming Young Summer Fashion Show 2015. The aim of Eager&Co. is simply to make good quality, hand made shoes by fusing street style and classic cuts, bringing sophistication to the wardrobe. Janine and Tim founded Eager&Co. on the belief that they not only want to focus on building quality footwear but also build quality men.

    Please welcome the lovely Janine into the sisterhood.




    + Maya Angelou once said that “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”  What changes have you gone through over the years that have shaped you as a person and have developed what you do at Eager and Co?

    When my husband and I started Eager&Co. I was 21, fresh out of university and just married. People thought we were crazy at the time starting a business with each other, especially in our first year of marriage. To be honest though, the marriage part was the easy part compared to running a business. We had started from scratch and we really both had no idea what we were doing. As a person, the biggest change I made was trusting my partner more, and more importantly, trusting in God.  (more…)

  • Do you want to be more present?


    EmotiveImages_141029_Diana_WEB_028Hey there my spirited soul sisters!

    It’s weird, every time I have writer’s block a lesson comes my way and bingo it’s also what you girls seem to be needing at the time.

    Today started off really well. I had attended an Australian Breastfeeding Association discussion talk on ‘The Early Daze.’ Flynn slept the whole time and when we got home it’s like he flipped a switch. He went from cheery baby this morning to ‘I need you now. Don’t you dare put me down and while I am at it I am going to spit up all of my milk all over you too’ mode.

    So with spat up milk trickling down my shirt I placed him on the couch, right in the middle, because he can’t roll anyways and I was going to be quick to grab his bib. The bib was just over there (imagine me pointing a few steps away).

    While I was collecting the bib I looked over and there was Flynn doing a roll towards the timber floor and my mumma instinct kicked in and I slid on my knees over to him, catching him in the my arms right before he would have hit the floor. (And yes it hurt my knees, especially the one I had reconstructed last year. Really bad!)

    Well he was crying, I was crying. I told him ‘sorry I was frustrated’ and then fed him some comfort milk. (C’mon who doesn’t like a good emotional feed every now and again).

    And there was the lesson.