A Mother’s Lense

My heart has changed a lot since I’ve become a  mother. I’ve started to see things a lot differently. Through a mother’s lense.

This week there were two instances where I used these new lenses. The first was while watching a programme about Ivan Milat, the infamous backpacker murderer here in Australia.  As I looked at Flynn, my 6 week old, I wondered how must his mother have felt to find out her son had committed such atrocities? He would have started out just like Flynn. A baby.

As I snuggled Flynn close and my heart swelled with such love for this child I contemplated what makes children grow up and become murderers. Did his mother cuddle him close? Did she whisper ‘I love you’s‘ in the wee hours of the morning? Did he feel loved? The whole is it nature versus nurture?

I then watched the news a couple of days later to find out the two Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were executed on drugs charges. How must their mothers feel? Again, they started out just like my Flynn.

I say a prayer over Flynn in that moment. For his future, that he will meet friends who will influence him positively, that one day he’ll be a good husband, that he’ll treat people with love and respect. That Jesus will be the light of His life and that this light will shine brightly in a world full of evils.

The Challenge

Do you see yourself in the lives of these men?

I don’t mean a murderer or a drug dealer. I mean you started out life, just like everyone else. A baby. But somewhere, like these men you lost your way. It may have been the influence of a wayward friend. You yourself may have been the bully. Perhaps you had bad decisions thrust upon you without your consent, but still you feel guilty.

Please know gorgeous lady, that each new day is a fresh day with no mistakes. It’s new.

What are you going to do with it? Are you going to wallow in self pity? Or do you choose to reform like the two Bali 9 boys?

Those boys committed an act that was going to destroy lives had those drugs landed in anyone’s hands. Are your acts destroying lives? Are you destroying your own life? Sabotaging it with words of defeat, fuelling your life with negativity and who knows what else.

Hands up if you’ve ever made a mistake? (Heck my hand is raised high).

I’m not here to discuss the politics of the Bali 9 boys’ situation but in the words of American Poet, Mary Oliver:

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

There is power in the restoring power of grace.

The Restoring Power of Grace

Do you need to be gracious to yourself?

Do you need to say ‘I’m sorry’ to others and possibly to yourself?

Do you need to let go of the regrets and move forward?

The time is now!

Surrender, journal, pray, cry.

You may like to draw, sing or do a daggy dance.

Whatever it is you are holding onto don’t let the mean girl get the better of you.

Replace fear for love. Retribution for grace. Loathing for self care. Negative words for positive affirmations.

And as you slowly, each day release these fears and negativity through whatever way brings healing, you too will be able to speak life into others and bring further healing.

From my mumma heart to yours I send you all a warm embrace. I cover you with my prayers as you read this post. May grace abound today. May love light the way.






By the way I just realised on the 3rd May I celebrated “The Butterfly House’s” first birthday! It snuck up on me. Stay tuned for a birthday giveaway. In the mean time I am going to draw the prayer flag competition on the 12th May. To find out more head here. At the moment I haven’t had anyone comment to win so feel free to nominate someone for the prize or just simply add your name to the comment below. I really want to give it away!

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