So it’s clear that I am winding down with this pregnancy. I wouldn’t go as far to say “I’m over it” because I’m not.  Fortunately,  I’ve had a really good pregnancy.  However, I’m started to get more tired as the days get on, Bubba Braybrooke is getting heavy and with that my motivation levels are dwindling.

Of course, we all have commitments. We can’t just hibernate or run away from it all. (Although, I know people, including myself, who have adopted this technique from time to time.)

So what can we do to get our motivation switched on?

Here are three steps to get motivated:

1) Eliminate the unnecessary.

Are there things in your calendar that doesn’t need to be there? Have you overbooked yourself? Overcommitted? Start prioritising. If stuck I’ve attached The Important Matrix. This worksheet will help you to look at how you spend your time.

Do you find yourself constantly interrupted by people? Do you always find yourself moving from one crisis to another? Perhaps you could prioritise your time better.

2) Just keep going (but nap when necessary).

If I had to be honest I actually had no idea what to write for this week’s post. Sure I have ideas in the pipeline but they were more for a series of posts and I didn’t want to do that now.  As I sat thinking I said to myself ‘Why can’t I get motivated?”  As I coached myself through to what needed to be done I realised that this is how a lot of you feel on a daily basis.  How to keep going when the motivation has dwindled.

Now when I say ‘Just keep going’ I don’t mean ‘burn yourself out.’  What are the absolute necessaries in your day?  Just get it done. As you know I’ve been reading Joyce Meyer’s “Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits.”  One of the habits is the “Habit of Responsibility.”  I talked about that here.  One of the points was “Be Aggressive.”  She says:

Don’t procrastinate in taking care of your responsibilities. It is often best to do the things first that you like the least.  That way you have no time to dread them, and you can do them while you have the most energy.  Approach them aggressively, and don’t have let a lethargic attitude take over.  If you pt something off for too long, you will get tired from other activities and find yourself making an excuse for not taking care of your main responsibility.

What actually needs to be done? Write a to do list. Use “The Important Matrix” in the section above. What can be outsourced? What can wait another day. Just get it done! Then have a nap if needed.

3) Incorporate a self care routine into your day.

Find something nourishing or fun into your routine. Reward yourself once the task is done. Maybe do something grounding FIRST before you start your task.  I’ve seen it before. You’ve tried to do the supermum/businesswoman/student thing!  I see you cramming more and more stuff into your day, saving self care until the end.  But what if you had that cuppa first? What if you lit a candle and said a prayer after putting your little one to bed, instead of putting a load of washing on first?  Imagine how much more revitalised you could be?

Do one thing for yourself and sink in and look after yourself.  You never see on a tombstone “She tiredlessly completed the reports.”  Don’t burn yourself out. Look after yourself and more often than not you’ll be even more productive.






So lovely what do you do to keep motivated? I’d love to know.  Please share this post using the buttons below and comment on what you do that helps you stay motivated.  If you want to read more I’ll also be featured over on “Project Healthy Happy Me” this Thursday 5th February talking about how to stay motivated when making spiritual or religiosity goals.  Get on board!