Month: February 2015

  • It’s all coming up rosy!

    Image Credit: Audra James Botanicals
    Image Credit: Audra James Botanicals


    Last weekend, the day after Valentine’s Day I went to this lovely Natural Perfume Workshop run by Audra James. I have been buying stuff from Audra, an aromatherapist, facialist and natural skin care expert for a few years now.

    I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing her here.

    Natural Perfumes differ from synthetic perfumes in that they use pure essential oils. These oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, plants and trees.They can differ according to seasons and growing methods.They are living things so it’s difficult to get the same result every time.They don’t last as long because they don’t have stabilisers in them but it’s simply about just reapplying them when needed.They smell so much better than a synthetic perfume. I don’t know about you but if I hang out or am near someone with synthetic perfume on I get a massive headache. When I wear natural perfume I feel a bit swish. It can change my whole mood wearing the right one and it doesn’t give me a headache.

    Synthetic perfumes are more stable and the scent will last longer.They are made in a laboratory and have complex formulas so that they are consistent each time. Chemicals are added to preserve and stabilise the perfume. Yuk!


  • Getting Loved up on Love Resources

    Hi Lovelies,

    How are you all this week?  I was feeling the love a lot last week. So many of you told me how much you loved the post last week. Thank you for being so encouraging.  As a solopreneur it can sometimes get a little lonely being behind the screen. The Butterfly House has been such a labour of love, so it has been nice to hear from you all.

    On Facebook I asked what are some pregnancy resources that you really loved.  When I wrote the post last week I really had books and courses in mind.  My lovely mother in law mentioned that:

    A good understanding husband ( or partner) is a big help especially when you’re tired, stressed, a little down or just wanting to go for coffee with friends and have some time to yourself.


  • My Favourite Resources for Pregnancy

    baby braybrooke party

    (Yeah…sorry…I didn’t get that little bump I’ve seen some coaches get. I’m bursting that bubble lol)

    As you know I have had an awesome pregnancy.  I attribute it to nurturing and nourishing my body the year before I managed to fall pregnant.  In doing so I was able to get my periods back (I was lucky if I got them twice a year!) and with herbal and dietary changes gained a stack more energy and my Psoriasis even cleared up.

    As I enter my 34th week of pregnancy I find myself winding down, needing naps (because insomnia has been totally sucking), and in the past day discovering cankles and heart burn.

    Yep. This baby is getting ready to meet us.

    So today I thought I’d share with you some resources that have helped me as I have gone through pregnancy.


  • 3 Simple Ways to Get Your Motivation Turned On!


    So it’s clear that I am winding down with this pregnancy. I wouldn’t go as far to say “I’m over it” because I’m not.  Fortunately,  I’ve had a really good pregnancy.  However, I’m started to get more tired as the days get on, Bubba Braybrooke is getting heavy and with that my motivation levels are dwindling.

    Of course, we all have commitments. We can’t just hibernate or run away from it all. (Although, I know people, including myself, who have adopted this technique from time to time.)

    So what can we do to get our motivation switched on?

    Here are three steps to get motivated: