Last week’s post saw a few of you comment about how you wanted the year to go.  There were some beauties in there like growth and hope.

But some of us are really struggling to get through each day, let alone envisage a bright hope and future.  Some of us are going through seasons of change. Others of us are at the beginning of tribulation and others of us are experiencing joy.  Regardless of where we are at in the journey sometimes figuring out where to start or how to make change happen this year is a daunting experience in itself.

I’ve been reading a book by Joyce Meyer called “Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Ones.”  If you’re stuck on where to start you may want to look at some of the habits you have gotten into that are holding you back or are simply something that just needs changing.  She says that:

Good habits can be developed, and any bad habit can be broken through repetition.  One of the reasons we don’t develop the good habits is because we live in a culture of instant gratification.  We want everything now and don’t realise that many of the good things we want and need are not attained just because we want them.  Good habits come to those who are persistent and refuse to quit.

What good habits do you need to create?

What bad habits are holding you back?

What is one thing you could do today to break the bad habit?

For me one thing I’m working on is flossing my teeth every day!  I know you thought I’d say something really profound.  I used to be good at that awhile back but then I ran out of floss and ever since then it has been a struggle to remember to do it.  But did you know something as simple as flossing your teeth can actually help with your health? Flossing cleans between the gaps in your teeth so you’re less likely to get gum infections and cavities.  Each night I keep reminding myself of the tally.  “That’s five nights in a row Di, you’re awesome.”  And because I’m competitive I want to keep going for as long as I can.

Other habits may not be as easy to break, change or incorporate.

But you can make smaller more easily actionable steps to get there.

EXAMPLE // Creating an exercise routine.

Want to develop an exercise routine?

First up you could identify what is holding you back from starting? Are you a procrastinator? Do you like to sleep in?

Secondly, identify what part of the day you would benefit the most from exercise.  For me (pre pregnancy) it was before work.  I found if I got up earlier, went to the gym and then went to work it actually happened. If I packed my bag and waited until after school it didn’t happen.   Why? Because I was tired.  Now that I am pregnant getting up at 5:15 am is a bit of a struggle so during the holidays I went later.  I also set myself the goal to do it every second day because my pregnant body did not cope doing it every day.  Listen to your body.

Thirdly, find something you like doing.  Don’t like running? Then why are you trying to flog your butt to do it when it’s not enjoyable.  Find pleasure in your exercise.  Is it Zumba that makes you laugh? Do you like Crossfit?  Find something you like and just do it.

Also think about how you want to feel at the end of the session.  At the end of an exercise I always feel more rejuvenated and energised so I always tap into that feeling.  Journal your emotional struggles with exercise and identify what you need to do to stop being held back.

Whatever you want your habit to be, you need to be working on it consistently for three months for it really to take hold.

What’s one thing you could work on over the next three months?

What are three action steps you could do in the next fortnight to start towards growth in this area?

I’d love to know what you’ve decided to do!  Please leave a comment below about the habit you want to work on and your three actionable steps.  Tell me how you want to feel at the end of it all. If you liked this post share using the buttons below.  I’d love to hear from you.