Month: January 2015

  • Taking Responsibility


    Being Responsible for Our Actions

    Last week we were talking about creating good habits and breaking the bad ones.  I’ve been reading a book with the same title, written by Joyce Meyer one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers.  I haven’t come across a book in a while where I have felt challenged and even provoked to change.

    We’re well into the new year. How are you going with your goals? Have you set any yet?

    Did you know there is power in writing out your goals?

    There was a study done where they surveyed the Yale graduating class of 1953 to find out how many students had written goals.  Only three percent had. In the cohort that meant only 3 out of 300 had written their goals down. When surveyed again thirty years later, that same three percent had accumulated over 90 percent of the wealth of the entire graduating class. There’s something about writing it down and putting it out to the universe.

    On top of that I’ve been challenged that in writing my goals out to create good habits to help me with attaining these goals.  One of the habits that Joyce Meyer talks about in her book is the ‘habit of being responsible.’

    Joyce says that:

    Making excuses each time we are faced with taking responsibility for some action or lack of action is a very bad habit.  It can easily derail our life and will likely prevent success. If we take responsibility for our lives, it can often be a shocking experience, because suddenly we have no one to blame.


  • Creating Good Habits


    Last week’s post saw a few of you comment about how you wanted the year to go.  There were some beauties in there like growth and hope.

    But some of us are really struggling to get through each day, let alone envisage a bright hope and future.  Some of us are going through seasons of change. Others of us are at the beginning of tribulation and others of us are experiencing joy.  Regardless of where we are at in the journey sometimes figuring out where to start or how to make change happen this year is a daunting experience in itself.

    I’ve been reading a book by Joyce Meyer called “Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Ones.”  If you’re stuck on where to start you may want to look at some of the habits you have gotten into that are holding you back or are simply something that just needs changing.  She says that:

    Good habits can be developed, and any bad habit can be broken through repetition.  One of the reasons we don’t develop the good habits is because we live in a culture of instant gratification.  We want everything now and don’t realise that many of the good things we want and need are not attained just because we want them.  Good habits come to those who are persistent and refuse to quit.

    What good habits do you need to create?

    What bad habits are holding you back?

    What is one thing you could do today to break the bad habit?


  • What new changes will you be embracing this year?


    So I’ve been on holidays for the past five weeks and it’s been quite different to the past few years. This year came with some unexpected changes. When our roof collapsed we decided to wait it out for the landlord to fix the roof. But they never did. So for the first three weeks of my holidays I’ve been looking online for houses and then going out to view them. I even knocked back a get together with some friends to go to a viewing as I was just so stressed and just needed to find one soon.

    I should have gone to the get together.

    It would have given me some ‘fun’ time in my holiday. Despite all of that we managed to find our dream home. I’m writing this post from the back deck of this Queenslander. It’s raining and once again I’ve had to surrender. I wanted to spend the holidays sprucing up the blog, fixing up my newsletter and writing my e-book. I wanted to go on adventures and read books purely for fun. But instead the internet wasn’t connected at our house and because I’m behind the times my plan on my phone doesn’t really cater for long periods of time hanging out on the net.