It’s been a week of some highs and lows.


This year I wanted to get in touch with a few of my other passions. One of them being creative writing and working with women to help them get unstuck, gain clarity and a bundle of confidence!  I’m also a high school teacher so I am a self confessed professional and personal development junkie.  In other words I value learning and then passing that wisdom onto others.

On Sunday I graduated from the “Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy.” I am officially a certified “Beautiful You” life coach having studied this heart centred and International Coaching Federation recognised course.

Some of you have been a little bit confused about what a life coach does and in particular how it differs to counselling. I’d like to quote one of our trainers Rachel MacDonald from In Spaces Between on this one:

Where counselling looks backwards to uncover old emotional patterns and behaviours, coaching is future-focused and centres on taking inspired action to move towards a desired intention or feeling.

What I love about life coaching is that everyone can benefit from it.  I can attest to that. After only one session with Elle Griffin I came away with clarity that Life Coaching was what I wanted to explore further.  For about a week after that session I brainstormed and wrote my little heart out and “The Butterfly House” was born.  I’ve been blogging every week since.

Since then I’ve worked with Claire Baker from This is Lifeblood and next year I will go back to work with Elle Griffin for a three month mentorship.  I’ve also had the privilege to coach others. (Thank you to those who have invested in yourselves by working with me WHILE still getting my accreditation).  Seeing women have breakthroughs in their personal, professional and spiritual life is truly amazing.  My clients have soared in their confidence, have smashed their limiting beliefs and have gone on to do amazing things.

If this sounds like something you would love to have then I would love to coach you!  I only have limited spaces so it’s best to get in quick. (I’m having a baby sometime in April). If you are longing to gain clarity, banish self doubt and boost your confidence I offer a complimentary initial consult to explore your heart’s desire.  You can get in contact with me via:  (I’m in the process of setting up a booking system to make this whole process easier).

Also if you are interested in becoming a life coach I can wholeheartedly say the “Beautiful You Life Coaching Course” is amazing. If you click on the link to the right of this post (says ‘Inspired to be a coach?), it will send you to further information about the course.  I am also happy to discuss it with anyone who would like further information on this. I lovingly support it and am honoured to be an affiliate of this course.



Our roof collapsed the previous week in the storms that hit Brisbane.  Then Dave (my husband) and I got our car pelted with hail coming back from our Obstetrician appointment out at Greenslopes here in Brisbane.  We had to pull the car over and we watched as trees were falling down all around us.  My mumma bear instinct came out when the hail was smashing our car and coming towards our windscreen at crazy speeds.  All I wanted to do was protect Baby Braybrooke.  And at the end of the night we had a heart full of gratitude, as we sat with the candles around us (no electricity), knowing that God had protected us (and many others I’m sure).


This week we found a replacement for my maternity leave contract.  Even though this guy is a great fit and will totally love on my students there is still this sense of ‘oh my goodness this is really happening.’  I’ve had my moments of ‘Can I do this?’ ‘What happens if he is better than me?’  and ‘How are we going to be going down to essentially one income?’

I’m sure we’ve all had our doubts but I’m leaning into the surrender on this one. I need to trust that God has this totally under control and that my ego needs a swift kick up the backside because I am NOT my job.

What do you do when your ego kicks in and tells you these nasty things? This is where self care is really critical.  Find something you love doing every day and do it.  Pray. Seek guidance and clarity.  This week (amongst the busyness of report writing), I aim to continue practicing yoga,meditating, journalling and deepening my relationship with God.  I also love a good laugh so I’ll have to make sure I watch an episode of “Upper Middle Bogan” too.

When you go through the challenges whether good or bad make sure you really are mindful in it.  What can you learn from these situations? What potential signs are they for you? What insecurities of mine are they tapping into? How can I use these weaknesses to develop into strengths?

You are amazing. Whatever highs and lows you have had this week take time out now to lean into the surrender. It feels so good doesn’t it?

So how have you all gone this week? What have been your highs and lows?  How do you confront your ego when it tells you nasty things?  If you loved this post please share it using the buttons below. We’d all love to hear from you.