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Today on honour roll I will be honouring the lovely Natasha Sciotto from “Healthy You, Happy Me.

Natasha (who likes to be called Tash), is a multi-passionate lover of wellness, dancing, food and fun. She is an aspiring holistic health and life coach and is all for creating a life of your dreams. One where you can live well, from the inside out, and feel good throughout the entire process.

Tash also has a Bachelor of Health Science degree, majoring in Nutrition and Psychology from Deakin University and currently is studying life coaching (with me), at “Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy.”  This fun, heart centred lady is such a beautiful person to be around and has so much wisdom and intuition in all that she does.  I’m so excited and blessed to share Tash with you all today.


Tash Sciotto image2+ Maya Angelou once said that “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”  What changes have you gone through over the years that have shaped you as a person and have developed what you do at “Healthy You, Happy Me?”

I really love that quote! Change can be scary but it’s so essential for personal growth.  One of the big changes that has occurred for me is developing and trusting my intuition.  When I look back at how far I have come, listening to my intuition instead of fear has been the catalyst to living a more authentic life.

After finishing university, something didn’t feel quite right and I knew that there was something more out there for me. I dived back into study again and started my Masters of Social Work only to realize that I had to let that go too. I had to stop playing safe and I knew deep down inside that I wanted to be a life coach – I just put it in the too hard basket!

I moved from Melbourne to Brisbane to be with my boyfriend and this transition really helped me to start living the life of my dreams. By getting out of my comfort zone, meeting new people, and creating space for myself, I finally found the courage to start my blog, sign up to my life coaching course and help people in the way that I had always dreamt of.

Undergoing all of these changes – the uncertainty, the fear, the loneliness of moving away from family and friends and the “safety net” as I like to call it, has helped me to become more confident in myself and my decisions. Everything happens for a reason and I don’t think I would be where I am today if I hadn’t gone through those experiences.

+ What inspired you to start on the journey of life coaching and blogging?

I have always had a passion for helping people and I was very fortunate enough to get a tiny taste of coaching throughout my university degree. I enrolled in a subject called “Helping Individuals for Behaviour Change” and I can safely say that it was the best thing that I ever did because it opened my eyes up to coaching. I loved the holistic aspect of coaching and the fact that it was very practical and helped people to take action. At that point I was planning on becoming a registered Psychologist, but again my intuition told me otherwise.

Feeling confused about my own direction and where my career was heading, I decided to enlist my own life coach (Julie Parker) who completely inspired me to make time to do the things that I truly loved.

After following health and wellness bloggers such as Sarah Wilson and Melissa Ambrosini, I decided to create my own blog and it wasn’t too long after that, that I said a big whole hearted yes to the Beautiful You Life Coaching course.

+ How do you like to connect with the Divine or practice your spirituality?

I love this question because it’s something that I have been thinking about a lot. Growing up as a Catholic I have always had a connection to God. I used to think that being spiritual meant that I had to go church every Sunday and that swearing should be avoided. Now, I know that spirituality is so much more than that and we can create our own spiritual practice.

Whilst I don’t go to church every Sunday (I’m working on it), I know that God is always there for me. In times of celebration and sorrow I can say a prayer and know that I am always supported by someone/something so much bigger than me. It can be as simple as whispering thank-you throughout the day.

Using the healing power of crystals is also part of my spiritual practice. Whenever I want to feel more connected or in tune with myself, I surround myself with crystals that balance my energy. I might use these crystals in meditation to ask for guidance, or when I’m feeling stuck.

+ What one piece of advice would you tell a 21 year old version of yourself?

It wasn’t too long ago (haha!) but I would tell my 21 year old self to stop comparing myself to others and seeking their approval. Everyone is on their own journey and as long as you are doing what’s right for you – that’s all that matters. Trust yourself!

+ How is it possible to keep your body and business healthy at the same time?

This can be quite a challenge but as I have come to realize, staying well and taking the time to look after you is incredibly important for your business. When you are feeling energized and vibrant and have made time to do the things that light you up, this energy will certainly help you to put your best foot forward within your business.

Honouring our ebbs and flows of when we work best is key. When you’re feeling tired, or are craving some time out, that is generally a sign we need to focus on our self-care. I’m a morning person, so I know that my best work is generally done in the mornings. That mean’s at night-time I can focus on myself – whether that be moving my body, sitting down to a nourishing meal and spending time with loved ones.

When it comes to eating well and exercise, keeping things simple works best for me. I like to plan my week so that I have got healthy snacks on hand and I’ll schedule in movement into my diary to keep myself accountable which means less excuses. It can be hard to ‘switch off’ from our business, so taking a step back, going outside, taking a road trip, or doing something completely unrelated to your business will definitely prevent burn out.

+ What are some of the rules and rituals that help you feel grounded, connected, inspired and blissful?

My rituals change depending on my mood but a combination of meditation, journaling and yoga really helps me to feel grounded. When I’m trying to juggle my time between all my passions, work and social events – I’ll turn to my journal and let my thoughts spill onto the page. Meditation on my commute to work is a really nice way to start the day, and before bed I find yoga is really helpful to connect to my body and allows my mind to switch off.

I also love to dance and sing, so every now and then I will bust out some moves at home or sing in the car which always leaves me feeling blissful and inspired.  It’s the simple things that bring me the most joy; going to the movies with my man, catching up with friends and pampering myself is always something that makes me feel good.

+ If you had to live on an island and you could only bring three books, which three would you bring?

Oh my – this is a tough one! I’m always one to have a few books on the go but I would have to narrow it down to:

  1.  “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. A beautiful book to constantly remind myself of how blessed we truly are.
  2. “PS. I Love You” by Cecilia Ahearn. I love romance and this book gets me every time!
  3. I’m going to be cheeky and swap the third book for music because music is something that I can’t live without, so I would have to take some John Mayer tunes to keep me sane.

+ We’ve discussed that being healthy is more than just fitness and food. What does being healthy mean to you? Why is it important and how can we add more of this holistic approach that you have to our lives?

Health to me is all encompassing. No longer is health just about fitness and food as you said – it’s about having a healthy relationship with others, a healthy mind set, and living a life that is full of purpose and passion.

We can’t expect to just eat well and exercise and everything be fine and dandy. These are just two pieces of the puzzle. It’s about leading a life that not only looks good on the outside but feels good on the inside. Our self worth and self- care is equally important.

Incorporating this holistic approach requires you to look at your life from all aspects and I think focusing on how we feel is the key here (thanks to Danielle Laporte and her inspiring work). Ask yourself these questions and you will come to understand that being healthy is all about feeling good.

Do you feel good about the work that you do? Do you feel good when you look at your bank account? Do you feel good in the presence of your loved ones? Do you feel good in your body?

I think everyone can create their own version of healthy, as long as it’s feeling good for you – that’s all that matters.

+ Few people know this about me but I…

Love jazz music and used to sing in a jazz band. Oh and I’ve hugged Snoop Dog. It was a pretty epic moment!

+ What is the most important piece of advice for anyone else who has a dream to change the world or make a difference?

Be you. Don’t worry if you think that your message is too silly, too crazy, or too similar to someone else’s. Nobody walks, talks, dresses and acts like you. You are unique so embrace every inch of you. One of my favourite sayings is “Never let anyone dull your sparkle” – So go on and add some sparkle to the world!

Thanks so much Tash for your beautiful responses. I’m sure we have all taken something away from this.  Tash blogs over at “Healthy You, Happy Me.” Go on over and show her some love.  So tribe what’s the one beautiful take away you’ve received from these words of wisdom from Tash?  Let’s get a conversation started below and please share the post using the buttons below if you loved it.