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This weekend my husband took me away to the beautiful Ballina in New South Wales.  Over the weekend we explored, Byron Bay, Kingscliffe and Lennox Heads.  While there, soaking up the sun rays I came to the realisation that on holidays I completely take in everything. I am mindful.  I dig my toes into the sand, I read books (currently reading “The Underground Girls of Kabul – The Hidden Lives of Afghan Girls disguised as Boys”), and I spend awesome quality time with my husband Dave.

While sitting on a bench seat at Kingscliffe I mentioned to Dave that we needed to do more of this.  Not spending money as such and going away each weekend, but just being present, in the moment.

If you’re anything like me, our days are so busy.  I’ve spent time with you lovely ladies and there is just always so much to do.  Our spare time comes along and for some reason we tune out rather than tune in. We scroll through social media for hours at a time, sucked into its time wasting vortex, or we stay up late, unnecessarily.  And then we usually vow that tomorrow, we will go to sleep earlier, that we will write our to do list, and will make healthy snacks ahead of time.

Why do we do this?

Who is benefitting from all this rushing around?

This weekend did not rush by me like a whirl wind. I enjoyed and savoured each moment.  I posted two pics on my instagram and facebook page and logged out again. It felt bliss. I feel ready to start my work week rather than heavy hearted. We all know that feeling too well don’t we?  We had intended to do so much on our weekend but yet Monday has rolled around and we still feel exhausted and dissatisfied. There’s even a term for it. “Rushing Woman’s Syndrome.”

Dr Libby Weaver, a nutritional biochemist spoke about this in an interview she did with the Sydney Morning Herald.  She said that:

So many of the women [I see] kept talking about being so exhausted or so busy or so stressed,” Weaver said. “I kept hearing the same issues arising – about menstruation, digestion, sleep and the ability to remain calm and patient and kind … I kept hearing the word ‘pressure.'”

She suggested various lifestyle revisions to help bring the body back into biochemical balance.

These included eating more whole foods, trying meditation or yoga, breathing, prioritising adequate sleep and having an honest conversation with ourselves about the impact of alcohol and caffeine.

Not exactly crazy stuff.

So what can we do to practice more mindfulness?


Timetable it into your diary.

Yep. That clinical. Put it in, make a routine out of it because seriously will it happen otherwise?  You know it and I know it. We just get busy! Write down what you would like to do and make time for it.  I’m currently tweaking my daily routine. This includes turning off technology by a certain time at night and finding time to do something fun. Not work related, not coaching related. Just pure fun.  I’m also going to timetable in outside time every weekend, whether that be a picnic at the park, basking in the sunlight, or reading a book under a shady tree.  It just needs to be done.  Some of us spend so much time inside our workplaces and in our homes and we don’t recharge our batteries.

Have a go. Try it for one week.  What will you do? Will it be to light a candle and give thanks for your day?  Will it be a soak in a bath? Will it be going out to your backyard with no shoes on and just grounding yourself?

I’d love to know.


My coach Claire Baker from “This is Lifeblood” gave me this tip when I was feeling stressed out.  Take 10 breaths in and out, filling your cells with nourishing energy. And then repeat. For the anxious ones in the tribe this seriously works. It slows everything done and forces you to be conscious of your breathing. Don’t think about work or the stresses of life as you do this. Just breathe!

Serve Others

The first two were for our own self care but don’t forget to serve others.  Look at the needs that are around you. Write a Facebook message to a friend who is struggling, buy a coffee for the next person in line or make a meal for someone in need.  Sometimes we focus too much on ourselves that we forget others. Let’s not do that. And I know you guys are super generous. I’ve seen it.

So beautiful tribe. What are some ways you practice mindfulness?  If you liked this post share it using the buttons below. Add a comment and let’s get a conversation started.