first talk mothers It’s my birthday! Yay!  And I’m feeling great. Today it’s my 33rd birthday. So much has changed over the years.  I have such a heart full of gratitude today as I reflect over the past few years and see the person I once was and the person I am now becoming.

So today I’m going to give you 7 things about me for the 7th of October my birthday.

+ I was three weeks premature and weighed 4 pounds 11 oz.  I was so small they put me in Cabbage Patch Doll clothing because premmie baby clothing was pretty much non existent.

+ I was once asked to go on channel 7’s Sunrise to appear on the Ask Dr Jo Lambert section.  They wanted to interview me about my story.  You can read about me here. I declined the all expenses paid trip because I wanted to honour, respect and grieve my previous relationship.  I’m not apart of a circus freak show just because I’ve gone through awful circumstances and it just didn’t feel right to parade my personal life on national wide television.

+ Birds creep me out a little. Mainly because I think they have weird feet. I hate the idea of them landing on me.  My husband knew this and once loaded himself up with bird seed all up his arms and in his hair at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat and the birds flocked all over him like Ace Ventura.  This totally freaked me out.  There’s even a term for this: Ornithophobia. Fear of birds.  You can see my fear in this photo when in Milan a bird seed seller threw bird seed at me in order for me to buy bird seed to get the birds away from me: DSCF4278 + I once wanted to be a band majorette when I was in year seven but that dream was crushed when my teacher said I couldn’t be one because I was ‘too short.’  I wrote her a letter that stated the injustices and outlined the blatant discrimination she was propagating. I followed this up by ordering witches stickers from “The Lucky Book Club”  and putting these all around the border of the letter. And for good effect I may have called her Mrs Old instead of her actual name “Mrs Young.”  I received a phone call home. I got grounded and my dream of being a band majorette was crushed. Maybe that’s why I have a high sense of wanting justice for people.

+ It took me 10 years instead of 4 years to finish my education degree due to my life circumstances but I am a better teacher, person, life coach because of it.

+ I was named after Princess Diana.  I was born the year they got married (1981).  My parents thought it was romantic and my dad is English.  I didn’t like my name when I was in primary school because no one else had it but now I love it because I still don’t know too many people with this name. Plus it’s also the Roman Goddess for the moon and hunting. Who freakin’ wouldn’t want to be a goddess?

+  I’m 14 weeks pregnant! Yes. This is my big announcement for you. After years of trying, then finally nourishing my body and seeing an Acupuncturist and Naturopath I am now pregnant.  Dr Nat Kringoudis is my hero for being unashamedly not compromising on what she believes in when it comes to natural health.  Her programme “Debunking Ovulation” and her book “Fertilise Yourself” also was pivotal in helping me change my whole mindset.

Claire Baker, my coach from “This is Lifeblood” seriously must have stirred something up in the waters after our first session of coaching. I found out after that very first session with Claire and after I had surrendered to go down in work hours next year to focus on life coaching.  She is amazing.  I have one more session left with her and now I’m feeling all nostalgic!  I’ve been learning how to create space and to listen to my intuition. Serious shifts happen when you just LISTEN.

I am also eternally grateful to God for sustaining me through difficult times, my counsellor/mentor who helped me work on my mindset and my lovely friends who prayed and encouraged me.  If I had not gone through this I would probably have never started “The Butterfly House.” nat and i And because it’s my birthday I have my first competition for you.  I am giving away this “Lemon Canary Love Gift Mini Pack.”  This pack valued at $58 includes: + A beautiful love travel tin fragrances with 100% essential oils. + Rose Quartz Intention Pouch + A handcrafted ceramic ‘to the moon and back’ wall hanging. lemon canary prize   To win this prize pack (open to Australian Residents only):

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