The Thermomix Debacle

This week I noticed that there was an upgrade on the Thermomix Australia Facebook site. Man it was like feeding time at the zoo.  People were complaining about how they had bought their machine only days before and now were upset because their machine was now obsolete.  This new fancy machine, with digital everything, including a recipe chip, was now the new must have.

Well this little social justice warrior had enough.  So I posted the following:

thermomix feedCall me harsh but really?  REALLY?  We’re concerned about the latest gadget and there are seriously starving people all over the world.  Even in our own nation we have people struggling to scrape together a meal.  The very notion some of us can avoid these modern appliances should fill our hearts with gratitude.  And it got me thinking…

On this journey of self discovery do we think too much about OURSELVES and not about the well being of OTHERS.

Now I am not anti buying nice things.  Just the other day I bought a beautiful candle holder (it’s on Instagram people), to put on the dining room table. I want to create beautiful spaces in my home. But when we start complaining about not having the latest gadget, or we feel a sense of injustice because the company ‘ripped us off’ then I really feel you have to look at what is filling up your love tank so to speak.

Does this new gadget make you feel loved?

Does it give you something to boast about to all your cool friends?

Does it give you self value and worth?

Or do you tie up what you have with being accomplished and fulfilled?

Three ways to becoming a more conscious being

You see sometimes we feel these items make us worthy and accomplished.  Some of us even have addictions to shopping.  We buy things to fill a void in our lives, all the while stuffing things in and never feeling satisfied.

How can I be more conscious?

1) Understand that there is a price to be paid

An activity I get my social justice group at school to participate in is the Slavery Footprint challenge.  In the link it gets you to write down the items you have in your home. Anything from jewellery to electronics.  At the end it tells you how many slaves it took to make your products.  It’s definitely an eye opener.

Have we actually thought about where our items come from?  Have we thought about who makes our products? Have we thought about the fact that small children are working in some of these places to help their families pay back massive debts?  Yes. Enjoy your upgraded Thermomix.

2) Take time for internal reflection

Work with what you know works best for your inner reflection.  Some like to journal. Others meditate.  I do a combination of both.  Look inwardly at your life.  What are you grateful for? What do you have that makes life fulfilling?  Write down lists of prayers answered, gifts given and even take inventory of kind words spoken.  Start living more consciously and with a heart of gratitude.

3) Get connected with the sisterhood.

Do something about the injustices you see.  Support causes that are near and dear to your heart.  Do it without advertising it or for accolades.  Do it purely because God has given us hands and feet to serve those who are in need.

Here are some causes that are close to my heart:

+ A21 –  Aims to abolish human trafficking.  Sponsor a girl or buy merchandise that helps raise awareness.

+ Compassion Australia – sponsor a child.  Quit complaining that you ‘don’t know where the money goes’ and do some darn research then!

+ Kiva – loans that change lives.  Make a loan to people in need around the world.  It shows you a picture of the person and describes what they need the money for and they pay you back.  I have loaned to several people on this site and have had every one of them pay me back.  I then re loan it to someone else in need.

So that’s my rant for today.

What makes you get angry? What are some ways you develop self awareness? What causes do you like to support?

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