Month: September 2014

  • Crushing the Comparison Monster

    praying girl

    The Joys of Renting

    Oh the joys of renting.  Last week we found out that the owners of our house want to sell. We had just signed a new lease and we’ve had a few things happen lately which has made me a bit more protective of my privacy, the importance of boundaries and nourishing self care.  So when I came home the other day with a huge “For Sale” sign out the front of my yard, without permission or a simple phone call, I was furious.

    I felt like someone had invaded my space.  I felt hurt, cranky and super protective.  (This will all make sense when you read my blog post I have for you next week). What happened to common etiquette these days? What happened to a simple ‘hey we’re putting a giant sign in the middle of your lawn, (yeah the lawn where you usually park your car), and we hope you don’t mind us doing so?’

    This soon turned to ‘wahhhh why haven’t we bought a house yet?

    You see I have a serious case of wanderlust.  I love to travel. To dip my toes in other cultures, to badly stumble over the use of their language, to take in the beauty of the natural sites.  So heck… our money has been poured into this passion.

    We’ve also been able to invest in other people and a stack of other things because we don’t have the responsibility of owning a home. (more…)

  • Who am I?

    girls searching

    Yesterday I sat down to my “Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy” work.  In particular I needed to go back a chapter to work on figuring out “Who I am?”  “My Ideal Client” and “My Coaching Difference.”

    But I was seriously stuck.

    How could something which seemed so simple on paper be so hard?

    I put a shout out on my Facebook Fan Page to ask what you all thought of me and I got two responses. Which is totally cool because then it forced me to really search within myself as to who I really am.


  • Your Journey Serves A Purpose – Warts and All


    What sort of blog post refers to warts in their subject title?  Weird people like me.

    You see. I hear you beautiful ladies at the moment.  You’re going through some tough times.

    And it hurts.

    You wonder if there really is any purpose in the lesson, the grieving, the crisis. You wonder if it’s going to get easier.  It’s dark.  You can’t see beyond what is right in front of you. It feels like your heart is racing all the time.  The enormity of the circumstance is just too much.

    Today lovely ladies I want you to know. I see you and I’ve been there. I wanted to do something a little different for you this week. (more…)

  • Why it’s important to think about others while on the self discovery pathway

    The Thermomix Debacle

    This week I noticed that there was an upgrade on the Thermomix Australia Facebook site. Man it was like feeding time at the zoo.  People were complaining about how they had bought their machine only days before and now were upset because their machine was now obsolete.  This new fancy machine, with digital everything, including a recipe chip, was now the new must have.

    Well this little social justice warrior had enough.  So I posted the following:

    thermomix feed (more…)

  • How to Listen to Your Intuition

    freedom girl

    Hi there ladies!  What a gorgeous past couple of days it has been here in Queensland.  It has been perfect picnic weather.

    Last week I spoke to you all about the inner struggle I was having with whether or not to continue studying the Naturopathy course or to explore other options.  I wondered “What would people think of me if I quit it now?”  “How about the identity of this blog?”  and “Have I failed?”  As I sunk into the rest of the week and I didn’t have any study to do I felt so much more relaxed and calm.  I felt like a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders.

    Then I had this dream.  I don’t know about you but when I’m going through some sort of decision making process or transformation I dream about houses and water.  For a while the waters in my dream have been choppy.  This week they were calm.  The house was beautiful and as I looked out over the waters an elderly man came up to me and said he was an author.  There are other weird parts to the dream which I will leave inside my crazied mind but there are some points worth noting.

    Often houses in dreams represent our own soul and self.  Water usually represents our subconscious and emotional state of mind.  And for those of us Christian skeptics who don’t think that our dreams mean anything at all, Joseph interpreted dreams when he was in captivity.  Need I say more.

    I felt like God was saying to me that I was now on the right track.  That the peaceful waters represented where I was currently at, a state of peace and calm.  The house that I was in was pure white and white often represents purity, peace and new beginnings.  I woke up from the dream feeling incredibly peaceful and assured that I was indeed making the right decision for now.

    Can God give us signs?