I wasn’t planning on making the transformations post a two part series but lately this seems to be the theme of my life.  Right now I am going through a transformation period.  It’s scary, exciting, weird and strange all rolled into one.  There are so many changes going on here in the Braybrooke household.  And that’s ok!  But how do you navigate some of these transformations?

A couple of weeks ok I declared my intentions on a form at work to go down to four days a week teaching.  You know what?  That was darn scary!  It still is freaking me out.  I know people who once they declare what they want feel this immense peace but I don’t feel that.  It’s weird.  I did however have two words that just kept coming to me:  “Trust Me.”

It’s super freaking crazy to trust God in the moments where you just want to control what is happening.  But the amazing thing is that in the surrender something truly divine can happen.  God’s perfect plan and will for our lives is enacted! It doesn’t mean that we give up our giftings or our own desires as such but more that these giftings and desires start to align up with His plans.

What the heck are you talking about Di?

We’ve all tried to grasp at what we want.  We declare it, we write intentions and we meditate on it. But for some reason it’s like the silence just keeps getting louder and louder.  I just remember saying “God, fine! Whatever! Do what you have to do.”  And oddly enough in that complete surrender He has turned my whole world upside down (in a good way).  He answered one of my prayers in a BIG way!  And that answer is going to be part of my transformation.  I can’t reveal to you all just yet what that is but I assure you it’s going to be amazing!  I’ll reveal all soon enough.

Connie Chapman also talks about the fear behind transformations.  She says that:

This can be one of the most scary and unsettling times.When things in our life begin to crumble around us, it can trigger feelings of anxiety, grief and the desire to cling.

On a deep level there is a part of you that is ready to call in the new, which is why this letting go process has began. You are making room. You are re-building. One some level you have shifted within you, and so the world around you is now changing to reflect that.

I’ve had all of the above happen.  I’m sure you have felt that way too!  You feel scared to quit your job, take that adventure, leave that relationship or to start that business. Anxiety rattles your being.  But what can you do?

Connie echoes what I mentioned earlier:

Surrender completely and let it happen. Trust whole-heartedly and have complete faith that there is a divine process unfolding. You may not understand it yet, but on some level what is leaving is no longer aligned with your highest good. New things are on their way, you just have to trust the process and be patient.




My Perfect Day

Back to the four days a week.  On that one day off I will be focussing on building my skills as a life coach and a naturopath in training.  I envisage beautiful days by the local lake crafting a gorgeous e-book for you all.  I imagine basking in the sunlight and giving thanks for a day to just explore my giftings in more detail.  I’ll give thanks that even though my income won’t be the same as a five day schedule that I’ll have my needs provided for. Because income is more than just the money we have come in. It’s the coffee a friend shouted you, a book a friend loaned you or even a gift voucher in the mail. (Thanks to my coach Claire Baker for helping me to realise this). I plan on learning all about natural medicine and how to heal our bodies.  I want to write beautiful encouraging notes to those in need.

Yes. Transformation may be scary! But it’s also exciting!

Beautiful girl.  What are you not surrendering to?  What desires, plans, giftings have been placed in your heart? What keeps tripping you up?

What will it take for you to be fully awaken to these dreams and to step up in faith…

In true surrender…

You can do it!

Want to come on the journey with me?

I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic!
Who’s going through a transformation?
How do you feel about it?
What do you do when the fear takes grip?
Let’s get a dialogue happening and start sharing this around.