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I help women who experience anxiety and lack of self-worth to achieve more confidence and empowerment with their anxiety wellness (hello, knowing what to do in a melt down) in 6 months’ time through using a combination of life coaching and mind detox methods.

Want to get rid of the overwhelm and reconnect with what matters to you?

You’re in the right place.

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You know those jittery feels that have your palms shaking, your heart racing and your head spinning? Eek, is that an anxiety attack coming on?

You’re in the right place dear one. I’m here to help you alleviate your anxiety, boost your confidence and elevate your health. Because I believe that it is possible to live an abundantly FULL life even if you experience anxiety. I believe that there are ways to work alongside of your anxiety which is why I am here. I want to see you detox your mind and live a life that comes from love not fear. Anxiety is not your natural state of being. You were designed from love and at some stage fear was wired in. It’s my desire to lead women who experience anxiety and low self-worth back to love. When that happens you not only change your world but also other’s lives.

It’s the ripple effect.

you matter

You’re enough.

I can’t wait to show you ways of living that guide you out of anxiety and confusion and back to clarity and connection.

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